Throughout the year, St Martin lives and vibrates to the rhythm of various and multiple events. Whether cultural, sporting or festive, the events proposed by St Martin will delight tourists as residents. - Mardis de Grand Case

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Since 2003, and during all the tourist season, the « Mardis de Grand Case » allow all to discover, at the same time, the gastronomy and the local craftsmanship, all that mixed with the wild music of the Caribbean.


The street becomes a pedestrian zone from 18h to 22h so that you can visit the stands and taste the local products.

For the opening and the closing, the Carnival dancers come to parade in the street.


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Every first weekend in March, since 1980, the Heineken Regatta has been welcoming sailors from more than 35 different countries. For 3 or 4 days depending on the year, monohulls, multihulls and maxis compete in an atmosphere that the organization calls “Serious Sailing”.

In the evening, the competition gives way to music. This is the time of the “Serious Fun”. After the prizes, competitors and visitors can enjoy the concerts of local and international groups that ignite, until late, nights Martinique.


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Created in 2016 by Julian Prince, this festival offers an internationally renowned artists’ platform. In March, DJs from around the world come to set on fire on Happy Bay Beach for 5 days of madness. No less than 3,000 people came from all over the world to enjoy an exceptional experience, 24 hours a day. A village is built for this occasion with decorations from another world.

This Electro music festival wants to be a great musical and popular festival in real harmony with nature.


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This big popular party in the French part, which takes place in February / March, is an opportunity for residents and tourists to share the cultural heritage of our “Friendly Island”.

It is with the rhythm of the parades in the streets of Marigot that children as adults dance to the sound of Caribbean music.


The Carnival, having elected his Miss Pitchounette and his Miss Carnival, ends with a large colorful parade and the symbolic death of the Carnival King, Vaval.


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This festival of Salsa, chaired by Davy Pivert and Valérie Boucaut, offers a set of twenty international artists, dancers and DJs.
This event is a real opportunity, for the initiated or confirmed, to refine their technique with different styles of Salsa (Cuban, Puerto Rican, Colombian or New Yorker).

A “Bootcamp” is organized for the learning of a choreography that festival-goers will present on the evening of the closing.
An excellent way to discover also, for those who do not know the salsa, to learn about it.


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During 3 weeks, from April to May, St. Maarten’s Carnival attracts thousands of tourists. It is with the slogan “Experience Life” that participants parade in the streets of Philipsburg, in colorful outfits to the sound of “Jump up”.

In the evening it is at Carnival Village that the party continues. The Carnival Village is an open place in a semicircle with nearly 80 stands to make you discover and appreciate all the culinary art st martinois. And it’s also where the concerts are held with local and international artists.


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Happy Holi is first the celebration of the arrival of spring but it is also a beautiful day of sharing between all the communities of the island.
This event created by the Indian Association of St Martin (AISM) invites the public to come celebrate the « Festival of Colors ».


May, on the beautiful beach of Happy Bay, it is a day of joy and jubilation that awaits you with the tasting of delicious Indian cuisine.
Do not forget your camera to immortalize this day full of colors.


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As every year, in May, the Collectivity of Saint Martin organizes the Fish Day which is above all a great convivial day around the tasting of the fish.
Since its creation in 2002, this event is dedicated to the fishermen who are part of the heritage and traditions of Saint Martin.

From 10h to 22h, the Fish Day is an invitation for the population to come and enjoy traditional fish dishes.
A musical scene will complete this beautiful day.
Shuttle buses will be available to access the site.


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The Metimer Association organizes, each year, the Fête de la Mer.

This event, which takes place in June on a weekend in Grand Case, offers to discover all the nautical activities and trades of the sea.


Whether it’s snorkeling, sailing, kite surfing, kayaking or paddling, children and adults alike, there’s something for everyone.

Stands held by professionals of the sea will be at your disposal throughout the event.


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The Billfish Tournament is a deep sea fishing competition that takes place in June on the Marigot Waterfront. Created in 1997, this tournament has become over the years one of the most famous events in the Caribbean.
The Billfish Tournament puts in competition about thirty crews.


At the end of each fishing day, a weigh-in is organized in order to know the crew that made the biggest catch and all this according to the rules and regulations of IGFA.


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Every year on the first Sunday of July, the competition I Love My Ram is held in Colombier.
This event, like nowhere else, puts the most beautiful goats on the island in competition. The selection is made by a jury, during a parade as any competition of beauty, which notes the goats, both in relation to their mane, their horns and their colour.

The winner parades with his owner under the vivas of the spectators.
It is a whole village that lives, that day, with the rhythm of the folklore of St Martin.


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Organized by Kalaboom Events and Xtratight Entertainment and supported by the French and Dutch Tourist Offices, the Oualichi Festival takes place in July on both sides of the island.


The objective of the organizers is to promote the culture, heritage and music of St Martin with, as a finality, to become one of the flagship festivals of the region.


These are 30 groups that, for 4 days, will offer a panel of music from the Caribbean region.


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