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saintmartinsintmaarten - SXM by Day - Activities

You have booked your hotel room and rented your car, so it’s time to enjoy the many attractions of Saint Martin. Fancy sports activities, opt for a day on a charter, a scuba dive, a Jet ski ride or an equestrian walk at nightfall by the sea… tempting, isn’t it?


If shopping tempts you, Marigot and Philipsburg offer a multitude of shops for your shopping. Clothes, cosmetics, jewelry or electronics, at very competitive prices, more than 200 stores are waiting for you for your greatest pleasure.


saintmartinsintmaarten - SXM by Day - Activities

With its 36 beaches and ideal weather conditions throughout the year, Saint Martin offers a real diversity to the practice of nautical activities.


Surfing, wakeboarding, kite surfing, windsurfing, jetskiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, scuba diving or big sea fishing, everyone will find something for a day of fun in the fresh air. - Sxm by Day - Nautical Activities - Rhino Safari


saintmartinsintmaarten - SXM by Day - Activities
saintmartinsintmaarten - SXM by Day - Activities
saintmartinsintmaarten - SXM by Day - Activities



Evoking nature in St Martin is already talking about its Nature Reserve. It is a marine protected area of ​​30km2 which is located in the North-East of the island on the French side.

The action of the Nature Reserve is to protect the ecosystem of the island, namely coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, ponds and coastal forest. The Nature Reserve publishes a quarterly magazine “Le Journal”.


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+59 0590 29 09 72



Loterie Farm is a unique place in Saint Martin.

Located in Rambaud, on the French side, in the climb of the Pic Paradis road, the Loterie Farm is a green setting where you can go hiking in the lush forest, practice the zip line or enjoy the pool in fresh water. It is an eco-tourist experience but also gastronomic that you will not forget.


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+59 0590 87 86 16



6th amusement park to be built in the world, Rainforest Adventure St Maarten offers the Fly Dutchman, the longest zip line in the world, 780 meters, and therefore a sensation like never before with a breathtaking view.

Located in Rockland Estate on the Dutch side you can also practice tobogganing on the grass, visit the museum Emilio Will or dinner at Emilio’s restaurant.


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Philipsburg is the center of good deals.
 Two streets, Frontstreet and Backstreet, are the heart of duty free products. 
The Frontstreet stores are more focused on electronics, jewelry and perfumes, but also on St Martin’s t-shirts (T-shirts, caps, souvenirs).
 Backstreet offers more clothing shops with very attractive prices. This is the happiness of many cruisers who take advantage of these zero-rated and cheap products.
 Do not hesitate to negotiate!


The French side is not left out, quite the contrary.
 The downtown of Marigot contains beautiful places where shopping is a pleasure with good prices and trendy brands.
 On the seaside, the West Indies Mall offers, in its shopping center, with sumptuous architecture, luxury and fashion stores on 3 floors.
 For holiday memories, head to the craft market where you will find something to bring back some of St Martin with you.

saintmartinsintmaarten - SXM by Day - Shopping
saintmartinsintmaarten - SXM by Day - Shopping - Guavaberry Emporium