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For any information on the Government of the Dutch side or on the Collectivity of the French side, you will find their contact, below:



Tourism Offices


For any information on the Tourism Office of the Dutch side or the French side, you will find their contact, below:



  • Sint Maarten Tourism Office


  • Saint Martin Tourism Office

Getting around the island


  • Bus


The bus service is mainly provided by mini-buses along the main roads, without a fixed schedule. Bus stops are more or less respected … Most often, to take a bus to Saint-Martin, you just have to hail a driver, who will stop at your level.


  • Taxis


Several transport links are available between Marigot, Philipsburg, other villages and airports.

  • Grand Case Airport: +59 0590 97 53 03
  • Marigot: +59 0590 87 56 54
  • Philipsburg: + 1-721-542-2359
  • Princess Juliana Airport: + 1-721-545-5757
  • Orleans district: +59 0590 87 31 44


  • Car Rentals


Driving is on the right and road signs with international standards. It is relatively complicated to navigate on an island, as throughout the Caribbean, the indications are often very vague.


It is therefore useful to go on the island with the SXM MAP tourist map.

To fully enjoy your stay in Saint Martin and visit the island, it is highly advised to rent a car.



Saint Martin offers a wide selection of international and local car rental agencies.

Although the park car is very important, it is advisable to book your vehicle in advance.



  • Sint Maarten Airport


Princess Juliana International Airport, first military airfield became a civilian airport in 1944. Its name comes from the former Queen of the Netherlands, Juliana. It is the only airport on the island to receive large aircraft.
At present, it welcomes more than 2.5 million passengers a year.

More than 30 companies, American and foreign, transit through this airport.
French airlines have their traffic on this airport which requires travelers to have their passport updated.
A taxi service is available right out of the airport.
Car rental companies are located outside the airport, along Airport Road.


Princess Juliana International Airport
Airport Road
Simpson Bay
(+1.721) 544 0626/(+1.721) 544 1483



  • Saint Martin Airport


Located in Grand Case, the airport of Saint Martin is reserved for the traffic of medium-sized aircraft, the runway not allowing the take-off of large aircraft.
AIR ANTILLES and AIR CARAIBES are the two companies that operate on the airport.


On site you will find all-round car rental companies and taxis that will transport you to your resort.


Aéroport de Grand Case

Route de l’Espérance

+59 0590 27 11 00



  • French side: 220 V. 60 Hz. European plugs.
  • Channel side: 110 V. 60 Hz. American plugs.


On both sides of the island, electronics stores offer household appliances, stock transformers and European and US plug adapters. Electrical appliances can therefore be used on both sides of the island.



The international codes for St. Martin are +590 (French side) and +1 721 (Dutch side).


  • To call Metropolitan France or the French part of the island from the French side, simply dial the 10-digit number of your correspondent.
    To call the Dutch side on the French side, dial 001 721, then your correspondent’s 7-digit number.


  • To call the French side on the Dutch side, dial 00 590, then the 6-digit number (to call a mobile phone: 00 690, then the 6-digit number).

Jetlag-Local time


  • Compared to metropolitan France:
    -5 hours in winter (from the end of October to the end of March) and
    -6 hours in summer (late March to late October).


  • Compared to New York:
    +1 hour in winter (from the end of October to the end of March)
    In relation to universal time (GMT): -4h00


Remember that in the tropics, the sun rises early (between 5:00 and 6:00) and goes to bed early (between 17:30 and 18:30).



As the island has no natural spring or river, the water comes exclusively from desalination factories.

Many mineral waters are also available in grocery stores and supermarkets. Water is scarce and expensive.

We count on your action to preserve it and avoid waste.



The euro on the French side and the Netherlands Antillean guilder (NAF) on the Dutch side are the official currencies, but the US dollar is accepted on both sides of the island.

Travelers checks and major credit cards are accepted everywhere.

Many foreign exchange offices are available on the island.



Thanks to bilingualism, the French part of the island speaks both French and English.


The Dutch side speaks English. In addition, Dutch, Creole or Papiamento are also spoken.




Twice, the island of St Martin experienced cyclones of force majeure.
Luis, in 1995 and Irma, in 2017.
These hurricanes have damaged the tourist activity and especially caused a movement among the population.


Some, having lost everything, decided to leave the island, others came for reconstruction or to settle permanently.

Each time the island has recovered thanks to the will of its inhabitants and with the help of France and Holland.

To inform you about the cyclonic activity or about the specificities of climatic phenomena:











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